Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friendly's Review & Giveaway


On my main blog, I tend to post freebies I find out about from other places on the web or via email. Recently I posted about the free ice cream day at Friendly's. Soon after that post, I received an email from ICED media asking me to try a new promotion at Friendly's and review it. Free food for writing a blog post? I'm so there! Plus, I get to give something away too! SCORE!

Friendly's has recently launched their $9.99 Create Your Own Meal deal. For just $9.99, you get your choice of one each from a group of entrees and drinks, and you get to build your own 2-scoop sundae! Now at our nearby Friendly's if we were to order the 3 items separately, the cost would be more than $9.99. This works out to be a really great deal!

When we went to eat there on Sunday, I ordered the Honey BBQ Chicken SuperMelt and Mr. Smoochiefrog ordered the Cheeseburger Club. My sandwich was so good, I may have moaned upon taking the first bite. No really, it was just that good. :) Both of our entrees came with fries, and it was a heck-of-a-lotta food! I almost didn't have room for my sundae (I ended up not finishing my fries so I could eat my sundae :P).

Speaking of the sundae, you get to choose 2-scoops of ice cream with your choice of a topping for your sundae. The sundaes are served in an old-fashioned ice cream glass and are topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Talk about delish!

And the tadpoles? They were quite satisfied with their kids meals, and they really enjoyed the desserts that came with their meals too.

Friendly's is perfect for families that want to get good food and dessert, for a reasonable price. Now with their $9.99 meals, it's even easier!

Guess what? It gets better! I promised you a giveaway right? Well here it is....

Thanks to ICEDMedia, I have been approved to offer a $10 gift card for you to use at your neighborhood Friendly's! Woot!

Whatcha gotta do to win:

Visit the Friendly's website and check out their $9.99 Create Your Own Friendly's Meal page. Leave me a comment telling me which entree tickles your fancy. This requirement is a must for your first entry!

Additional Chances to win:

  • From the list on the $9.99 meal page, tell me which ice cream and topping you'll choose for your sundae...leave a separate comment letting me know

  • Subscribe to this blog (if you already do, that counts)...leave a separate comment telling me

  • Tweet this contest...leave a separate comment including your tweet link

  • Post about this contest on your own blog...leave a separate comment about your post

Fine Print:

  • Offer valid to US residents only.

  • Winner will be chosen by

  • Contest ends Wednesday, July 22nd at noon EST. Winner will be announced by 2PM on Wednesday. Winner will have until midnight EST to claim their prize or another winner will be drawn.

  • Rules for each entry must be followed to be valid

Thanks for entering and good luck!

Comments are closed for this giveaway. Thanks to all who entered. The winner will be announced today!


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