Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eating Right Kids Product Review


As a mother of 4 children I know how important healthy eating is for them, especially at school. One can only dress up a sandwich, chips, fruit, and a drink so many ways before even the parent gets tired of making the lunches. :)

Safeway and Warner Bros. Looney Tunes have teamed up to bring you meals, snacks, cereals and drinks that both you and your kids will love. You'll love the healthy aspects of the food and the kids will love the taste. It's a win win combination you both will enjoy.

The Eating Right Kids food and beverage line features Looney Tunes characters on each package and is sold exclusively at Safeway. The line meets the most recent state and federal agency dietary recommendations and guidelines. You can choose from more than 60 items ranging from breakfast foods to produce, dairy to frozen entrees, and portable meals to beverages. This exclusive kids line is an offshoot of Safeway's Eating Right line for adults. Thanks to Team Mom, we were given the opportunity to try out some of these products.


Both of my girls loved the juice and the fruit cup, they split that between themselves. The whole wheat macaroni and beef dinner was enjoyed by both M and B. K was more interested in the chewy bar and the fruit cup than the pasta. All in all, the Eating Right kids line is a hit here in the Smoochiefrog pad.

If you're looking for some great ideas for after school or on the go snacks or for new additions to the lunch box, this line will be perfect for you! Visit you local Safeway today and give them a try!


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