Friday, October 9, 2009

SlimShots Liquid Appetite Controller Review

Slim Shots

Thanks to Fuel My Blog, I was given the opportunity to try out SlimShots Liquid Appetite Controller. I had seen ads for SlimShots on FitTV before, so I was a little familiar with the product. I was thrilled to offer my services. :)

SlimShots Liquid Appetite Controller is a dietary supplement from Sweden that is touted as "the simple way to help you eat up to 30% less and control your portions". The directions say it is effective from the very first day you take it and will reduce hunger for up to 8 hours. Sounds like my kind of product! I received a 14 day supply of the chocolate flavored Slim Shots and was eager to give it a try.

SlimShots are packaged in little coffee creamer sized containers that look like this:

Slim Shots 2

The directions say that you can either mix the shots into food or beverages, or they can be taken on their own. First of all, let me state that I never mixed it into food or drinks. I couldn't. I was so eager to jump into the trial that I just downed the first shot straight from the box. (The directions say Slim Shots do not have to be refrigerated, but can be to enhance the flavor.)

Big mistake, HUGE.

For lack of a better way to describe it, the stuff tastes like chocolate flavored oily water.

No really it does, and it leaves this aftertaste that makes you want to brush your tongue for about 15 minutes just to get rid of the taste. Yes, it really is that bad.

Mr. Smoochiefrog didn't believe me when I told him this, so he had to try one too. He immediately concurred, and my 14 day trial became a 13 day trial. I was secretly pleased I had one day less to drink this stuff.

I will say that it may have been better if I had added it to food or drinks, but I couldn't get past the idea that it would taint the flavor of foods I liked. I did refrigerate the shots, but that didn't help either. Doing so just made it cold chocolate flavored oily water. The only thing that did help is when I chased the shot with a cup of milk. That made the aftertaste disappear rather quickly.

Now that you know what it tastes like, let's see if it actually worked. :)

I did the shots faithfully over the course of 13 days, taking one shot at breakfast. (The directions say the shots ideally should be taken both at breakfast and at lunch, but that for some people one shot alone may work.) I wanted to get the most uses out of my box, so I stuck with just once a day.

I chose to do the trial during what would be considered by many women as PMS time. I figured if it could curb my appetite during that time of the month, it may actually work. :) I did tend to feel less hungry over the two-week period. Normally I snack out of control during this time, but I honestly didn't while taking the SlimShots.

I had a hard time deciding whether or not to stop exercising 5 times a week while doing the review or to continue as I have been doing. I opted to continue exercising. I figured it couldn't hurt, as the website says that "SlimShots should be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and be viewed as part of a sustainable food and weight management regimen". I don't know if it was just the use of the Slim Shots alone or the combination of them and the exercise, but I did lose 5 pounds over the two week period.

If they would just better the taste, this could be a product I see myself willing to use again in the future.

SlimShots can be ordered online via their website, or purchased at your local CVS, Walgreens, or Rite-Aid.


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