Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Phase 4 Films Review: Donkey X, Freddy Frogface, and Smitty

Phase 4 films recently gave me the opportunity to review five of their movies. Yesterday, I shared my reviews of Space Dogs and Kiara with you. Today I have my reviews of the remaining 3 movies, Donkey X, Freddy Frogface, and Smitty to share with you.

First, we have Donkey X:

About the movie:

Based on the 400 year old Spanish classic tale "Don Quijote de la Mancha", Donkey X, available now, follows Rucio, the most adventurous, brave, and mischievous donkey of Castile, as he tells the true story of the legendary Don Quixote.  Rucio jumps at the opportunity to join Don Quixote on his quest to battle The Half Moon Knight and overcome the dangerous obstacles that lurk them on the way.  Donkey X has a 90 minute run time and is rated PG.

Our review:

We LOVED Donkey X!  This was our second favorite of the five movies we watched.  I personally have not read Don Quixote, so I can't compare this cartoon movie to the book, but if it is like this movie I may read it soon.  There were many funny parts in this movie that kept my youngest entertained, while the main storyline was interesting to keep my eldest daughter and myself enthralled. When the movie was over, we all excitedly stated that it was the best movie we'd watched so far.  Definitely a movie we recommend to all.

Second we have Freddy Frogface:

About the movie:

Freddy Frogface, available now, centers around ten-year-old Victor and his friends, who not only have to face a world full of stern grown-ups but also the town bully, Freddy Frogface.  When a circus comes to the sleepy little town, Victor is thrilled at having the chance to perform in a talent show with his dog Sausage.  Yet Freddy soon comes up with a sinister plot of his own to spoil Victor's plans. Freddy Frogface has a 85 minute run time and is rated PG.

Our review:

Freddy Frogface was the first movie we watched, and has been watched again since.  The girls really enjoyed this movie, while I found it mildly cute.  There is some mild cursing by Freddy, which I felt was not necessary to make the movie better, so if you're sensitive to that you've been warned.  Freddy Frogface is a very nasty bully who does get his comeuppance, though I don't think the way he gets his is a good way to show how to handle a bully.  I think a parent should preview this movie first before allowing their child to view it.

Finally we have Smitty:

About the movie:

Smitty, available now, is a heartwarming film for the entire family.  Starring Peter Fonda, Mira Sorvino and Louis Gossett, Jr., the movie tells the story of thirteen-year-old Ben and his struggling, single mother (Sorvino) who has had enough of her son's mischief.  Ben is sent to spend the summer in Iowa on a farm with his estranged grandfather, Jack (Fonda).  To help Ben make a friend, Jack gets him a smart farm dog from an animal shelter to keep Ben company and in line.  Between the dog and a friendly neighbor (Gossett, Jr.), Ben soon learns life lessons about friendship, family and responsibility.  Smitty has a 94 minute run time and is rated PG.

Our review:

Smitty was our favorite movie of all the ones we received to review.  The story is excellently written and excellently portrayed.  There are a few heart-wrenching moments that may be lost on younger viewers, including the death of a character, so be careful if you think your children may be bothered by it.  Two curse words are uttered during a fight, so you've been warned on that as well.  Overall though, the transition in the behavior of Ben is amazing.  I think any child over the age of 9 would enjoy this movie immensely.  We recommend watching this movie to everyone.

All these movies, and the ones reviewed yesterday are currently available at Redbox locations, Target, Walmart, and Amazon.com.


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